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Asst. Dr. Cenk Beyaz’s Book on Migration and Belonging is Published

The book authored by Asst. Dr. Cenk Beyaz from the Department of Sociology of our university titled Göç ve Aidiyet: Kırsal Göçmenin Memleketine Bağlılığını Sürdürme Mücadelesi” (Migration and Belonging: The Struggle of Rural Immigrants to Remain Connected to their Hometowns) was published by Matbu Publishing.

In his book on migration and urbanization, BEYAZ examines the different strategies and practices of 81 immigrants from Rize, who have migrated to different places within or outside the country, in order to return to their homeland in some cases, but mostly to continue their lives in a multi-settlement system and to transfer the sense of loyalty to their homeland to the next generations. The book deals with the issues why immigrants had to migrate from their place of birth, how these factors are understood and interpreted by the immigrants, what the patterns of thought, emotion, relationships and socialization are that push them to maintain their contact with the land where they were born, and the new life order and family circles they establish in the place they migrated to reflect their efforts. Examining these issues through face-to-face interviews with immigrants, BEYAZ reaches the conclusion that in many cases, immigrants do not see themselves as someone who has migrated, but as someone who has gone abroad temporarily to return to their home, in line with the bond that the immigrant maintains with his own origin and the struggle they put forward for this purpose.

Cenk, B. (2021). Göç ve Aidiyet: Kırsal Göçmenin Memleketine Bağlılığını Sürdürme Mücadelesi, Matbu.


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