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The Project on the Potential Loss and Gains of Government Incentives for Renewable Energy Resources in which Asst. Prof. Sinan ATAER is a Researcher is in the Final Stage

The project titled “Potential Losses and Gains of Government Incentives for Renewable Energy Resources”, headed by İstanbul University Faculty of Economics Public Finance Department Member Prof. Binhan Elif YILMAZ and involved Istanbul Medeniyet University Faculty of Political Sciences Public Finance Department Member Asst. Prof. Sinan ATAER as a researcher, implemented with the support of Istanbul University Scientific Research Projects Unit, has reached the final stage. The project, which will be finalized in 2022, consists of three phases.

In the first stage, a field study on environmental literacy was applied to citizens regardless of their demographic characteristics. In the same research, using international scales, the participants were asked questions about traditional energy production methods, renewable energy sources and renewable energy production methods. Then, once views were collected about the role of the state in energy production and in creating energy policies, YILMAZ and ATAER obtained necessary data from the participants who make up the individual consumption side of energy.

In the second stage, the data requested from both the industrialists representing the industrial consumption and the representatives of the energy production and transmission companies representing the supply side were obtained by interview methods.

In the last stage of the project, it is planned to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the current energy policies and to develop policy recommendations in the light of the data obtained.

Since data is collected from individual consumers and industry representatives on the consumption side and from energy generation and transmission company representatives on the supply side, it is thought that the policy recommendations to be developed will be accurate in terms of energy efficiency.

The number of projects based on such qualitative data on renewable, affordable and clean energy is increasing day by day. It is also essential for citizens to be more demanding on issues such as pollution prevention, sustainable buildings, sustainable cities and living spaces, to form public opinion about clean energy technologies and even to be effective in policy development processes through citizen participation.

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