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Asst.Prof.Dr. Ömer UĞUR Presented His Paper on Labor Rights and Old Age Insurance in “Medeniyet Law Seminars”

The first meeting of the “Medeniyet Law Seminars” organized by our Law Faculty was held on September 27, 2022 at 15:30 at IMU Ziraat Bank Library’s open conference hall. Member of the Department of Labor and Social Security Law, Dr. Ömer UĞUR presented his paper titled “Old Age Insurance for Employees with Employment Contract.” Dr. UĞUR assessed the regulations related to the platform employees for those working in domestic service and whether these regulations constitute gender discrimination, and he also explained the recent updates about the people who couldn’t retire due to the minimum age criteria.

Dr. UĞUR stated that the old-age insurance, which aims to compensate for the loss of income in old age, serves the purposes of reducing poverty and financial empowerment of the elderly, and that the regulations for the platform employees, which is a new business model, contribute to the adoption of a business model that fosters a quality and decent job approach and respects the labor rights. The event ended after the Q&A session.

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