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Dr. Ceyda ÇAVUŞOĞLU DEVECİ’s Book Chapter on Equality in Education Published

Dr. Ceyda Çavuşoğlu Deveci who is a research assistant at IMU Faculty of Educational Sciences authored four book chapters in the book “Sociology of Education” edited by Prof. Dr. Mustafa Gündüz. In one of the chapters on “Education and Equality”, Dr. Deveci discussed the definition of the concept of equality and its role in the quality education process.

In the chapter, DEVECİ deals with how equal access to opportunities is reflected in social life in terms of education. Equality of opportunity in education is discussed in the context of the class structures of societies, economic inequalities, different pedagogical practices of families and the structure of education systems. In her study, she underlines that equal opportunity in education is important so that every individual in the society can benefit from the latent or non-latent benefits of education. She argues that the pedagogical codes and practices that the classes created within themselves imprisoned them in a certain education cycle and understanding, which in turn prevented all individuals from receiving education with equal opportunities. Likewise, she explains that the existing economic inequalities ensure the continuity of inequalities when education is a purchased commodity. She adds that education systems were also designed and put into effect in a way that would preserve this hierarchical structure of society from time to time and emphasizes that it is important to understand and be able to see all these mechanisms in order to develop policies or practices that will serve equality for anyone considering working in the field of education.

From the book launch bulletin:

“The sociology of education, which emerged at the end of the 19th century as a sub-field of sociology that aimed to understand the depressions of European societies after industrialization, offering a world of meaning to the individual at the intersection of the social structures and institutions that surround the individual in almost every respect, and the education system. This reality of the sociology of education has become an important pedagogical awareness of the last century, and this field of science has become one of the important courses and research fields. In this respect, not only those who will train teachers, but also those who will make sound statements about education and educational policy makers should seriously benefit from the sociology of education. This work, which is intended to be a guide and source text for the Sociology of Education course in Education Faculties, presents the current social problems with education, with the latest information and vivid examples.”


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