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Lect. PhD. Zeynep ARDIÇ’s Dissertation Comparatively Examining Transitional Justice Systems is Published

The dissertation of Lect. PhD. Zeynep ARDIÇ from the Department of General Public Law of IMU Law Faculty has been published as a book titled “Transitional Justice Mechanisms in East Timor, Peru and Turkey: Addressing Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Violations”.

In her study, ARDIÇ examines the concept of transitional justice and judicial systems by comparing the cases of Turkey, Peru, and East Timor. She argues that although the implementation of the concept is relative, it is an indispensable paradigm in terms of human rights commonly applied around the world and has great importance in peacekeeping, in confronting the widespread and systematic human rights violations committed in the past after democratization and armed conflicts, and in providing social reconciliation.

In terms of economic, social, and cultural rights violations committed by the political decision-making mechanisms that played a role in the transitional justice processes in East Timor and Peru, ARDIÇ analyzes what lessons can be drawn from the experiences of these countries for the Kurdish question in Turkey. She evaluates the use of these mechanisms in answering the Kurdish question hypothetically and concludes that a participatory, holistic and grassroots approach should be adopted. The book examining through examples transitional justice as an increasingly popular concept with regard to international human rights is an important contribution to the literature in terms of understanding the concepts and practices in question.

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