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IMU Sociology Club Holds the Interview ‘Look to Explore: Nature Photography’

IMU Sociology Club held an online interview on ‘Look to Explore: Nature Photography’ with wildlife photographer Alper Tüydeş on April 01, 2021. The moderators of the conversation were club members Filiz Çullu Aspirin and Zeynep Çiçek.

Firstly, Tüydeş made a short presentation about the bird species we can observe in the city and talked about how we can observe them. Then, he stated that these observations enable us to connect with the environment as people living in the city and he also gave information about the “Don’t Press the Trigger, Press the Shutter” campaign, which was launched recently to protect the wildlife and natural habitat of species in our country. In addition, he talked about the problems caused by leaving stray animals into the forests.

In the question-answer session held after the presentation, topics such as the relationships between self-discovery and awareness of nature, where we should focus when connecting with our environment, and the difficulties encountered in nature observation were discussed.

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