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IMU Sustainability Club and Sustainability Office Continue to Recycle Waste Paper On-Site with the Handmade Paper Workshop They Organized

Istanbul Medeniyet University Sustainability Office and IMU Sustainability Club continue to develop projects to reduce environmental footprint.

IMU Sustainability Club continues its social responsibility project initiated in 2024 to recycle the waste paper collected and sorted within the campus areas of our University. Club members organized a handmade paper workshop on Friday, March 29, 2024 as a “March 30 International Zero Waste Day” event in cooperation with IMU Sustainability Office. The workshop was held at the Sustainability Office and was open to all Istanbul Medeniyet University students, staff and the public. Within the scope of the workshop, approximately 200g of waste paper, which was previously distributed to our staff as calendars, was recycled and turned into new paper with the help of A5-sized sieves.

In addition to the fact that their social responsibility project supports the zero waste policy of our University, the members of the club stated that reusing used paper with the traditional method they use in paper production prevents the cutting down of new trees for consumption; and that the method applied is of great importance especially in terms of resource efficiency, as the traditional method involves much less energy and water consumption compared to factory production. Emphasizing that the applicability of terms such as refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle, which are more on the agenda due to the International Zero Waste Day, the team pointed out that the paper recycling workshop reduces carbon emissions, especially from storage and transportation, and has the effect of reducing the impact on climate change by providing on-site recycling of waste. They informed that the future productions to be realized within the project will make a significant contribution to the circular economy through recycling and reuse. The project team has recycled 4.8 kg of waste paper since the beginning of the project.

You can find detailed information about International Zero Waste Day and IMUSUS activities here.

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