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IMU Young Future Club Organized Workshops on the Election System and Political Parties in the Russian Federation

The Young Future Club of our university organized the “Political Parties and Elections Workshop in the Russian Federation”. In the workshop held online every Saturday at 20:00 between January 15 and February 5, 2022 in a total of four sessions, Dr. Aytaç DURMAZ provided information on the electoral system and historical background of the Russian Federation.

In the first week of the event, a comparative analysis of the party system in Russia at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries was made. Thus, DURMAZ gave information about the historical background of the country in terms of the political decision-making process. In the second week, DURMAZ talked about the political parties in the country and their past.

In the third week of the event, DURMAZ gave information about the election system of the Russian Federation and the conditions for political parties to participate in the elections. In the session where the administrative structure of the country’s government and the method of election of representatives were discussed, it was mentioned how the President, Prime Minister, State Duma and Federation Council were elected.

In the last week of the event, the elections held in the Russian Federation in recent years and the results obtained by the main political parties were analyzed. The functioning of the federation and semi-presidential system was evaluated through examples from current developments and country politics.

The online workshop sessions, which reached an average of 50-60 listeners each week, were followed with great interest.

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