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Online Seminar Held on “Tourism in the Future”

Gelecekte Turizm Semineri

Dr. Cem KINAY was the guest speaker of the “Tourism in the Future” Seminar, which was held online on November 11, 2021 by the Department of Tourism Management, Istanbul Medeniyet University Faculty of Tourism. Faculty members and students participated the online event.

In his speech, in which future tourism trends were the main theme, Cem KINAY shared information about experiences, sustainable living criteria and tourism of the future, as implemented in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Among the interesting concepts discussed the seminar were climate and environmental responsibility, cherishing and protecting the nature, sustainable agriculture and rural tourism, minimum carbon footprint, responsible consumption, innovation in tourism, local rural life and respecting, protecting and cherishing historical legacies, space tourism, holistic tourism, metaverse, virtual reality experiences, a new generation of life, technology, and digital funds, and new-generation hotel concepts. In his presentation, Cem KINAY also emphasized the interest and curiosity of people in what is local, local food and intangible cultural heritage in the digitalized and universalizing world. His presentation featured topics such as eco-life, environmentally friendly living spaces, experiences respectful to nature and nature, responsibility and sustainable environmental awareness as well as tourism trends for gaining many experiences, healthy life, wellness and sports-oriented travels, and economy focused on sharing. The seminar ended with a Q&A session with the active participation of the students.

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