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Our Student’s Master’s Project on the Tracking of Moving Targets with an Air Robot Receives TUBITAK Support

Our university’s Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate student M. Koray Yılmaz’s master thesis titled “Tracking of Moving Targets with an Air Robot” supervised by our faculty member Dr. Haluk Bayram was awarded the support of the 2210/C Domestic Priority Areas Graduate Scholarship Program by TUBITAK.

Within the framework of the project, it was aimed to detect and track the instantaneous location of a moving target, which has a radio transmitter on it and does not follow any predetermined trajectory and speed. The product developed within the scope of industrial innovation was aimed to be used in the defense industry for location detection and tracking of signal jammers or other targets. In addition, it was aimed to detect living ecosystem on land by tracking the location of an animal on a collar with a radio transmitter without the possibility of encountering dangerous animals in difficult terrain conditions, and to detect the whereabouts of missing people from phone signals in search and rescue efforts. Particle Filter technology was used in the thesis subject approach, and the developed approach was tested in the simulation environment and field experiments. To this end, a rotary wing air robot was designed and produced to be used in field experiments, thus contributing to product innovation.

This work, which was carried out at Istanbul Medeniyet University Science and Advanced Technology Application and Research Center Field Robotics Laboratory, through the creation of a suitable policy environment for industrial diversity and value increase in industrial products, was successfully completed in January 2022. The project added value to our university particularly in supporting domestic technology development, research and innovation in developing countries.

The publication obtained from the outputs of the Thesis study, which was carried out with the aim of encouraging innovation and developing scientific research, and expanding the technological competencies of industrial sectors, is in the peer-review stage in an international robotics journal.

We congratulate our student and faculty member and wish them continued success.

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