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Psychology Club Organized the Training Seminar “Being a Psychologist in a Non-Governmental Organization”

Psychology Club of our university organized an online training seminar called ‘Being a Psychologist in a Non-Governmental Organization’ on February 13, 2021. Moderated by Fatma Rana ARGUN, one of the members of the club, the speaker of the seminar was Specialist Clinical Psychologist Ayşe Hümeyra KUTLUOĞLU KARAYEL.

In her speech KUTLUOĞLU KARAYEL expressed that the breadth and depth of the skills and knowledge of psychologists are especially compatible with the needs and demands of NGOs in the community services sector and said that psychologists should be able to develop and use their expertise in capacity building NGOs, and also to help them develop and use skills such as disability, child protection and mental health. In addition, she underlined that being a psychologist in an NGO is compatible with the core competencies of the psychology profession, including tasks frequently requested from staff in NGOs, assessment, case formulation, intervention, assessment and follow-up, and engaging with clients of all ages. She noted that NGOs can also offer opportunities for psychologists to provide professional supervision and clinical consultation, both in-service and in collaboration with other key stakeholders, as well as to offer career paths to management and leadership positions. Finally, she stated that NGOs can also offer psychologists the opportunity to participate in research projects independently or in partnership with universities.

The seminar provided the participants with the opportunity for vocational training through the important points and experiences related by the speakers.

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