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Sociology Club of our University Helps Homeless Individuals

Sociology Club of our university contributed to charity activities to draw attention to the problems experienced by homeless people in cooperation with the “Çorbada Tuzun Olsun Association” in 2022.

“Çorbada Tuzun Olsun Association” was established with the aim of bringing radical solutions to the causes of the homelessness problem that is ignored in the society. The association distributes food and aids to homeless individuals around Beyoğlu every day with the support of its volunteer donors.

Club members regularly supported the association, which distributes food and aid every day of the year, with a volunteer group of at least 5 people on certain days.

Volunteering activities such as food packaging and meal distribution were carried out on the days of aid activities. The names and needs lists of homeless individuals were kept and in-kind donations were delivered to their owners. At the end of each distribution, needs lists were created again and homeless people were tried to be reached.

In this way, it was possible to understand the homeless individuals who were ignored and marginalized from the society and to listen to their problems. With this aim, a helping hand was extended to these individuals in the fight against poverty.

These aid activities carried out by the Sociology Club of our university contribute to raising awareness in the society by drawing attention to the problems experienced by homeless individuals.

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