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The First Session of the “Disaster Psychology Seminar Series” Conducted in IMU

The first session of the Disaster Psychology Seminar Series, organized by Istanbul Medeniyet University Department of Psychology and the Psychology Application and Research Center, was held on Thursday, May 4th, 2023. The event took place online and Asst.Prof.Dr. Gamze GULTEKIN discussed the scope of disaster psychology and facilitated a series of critical discussions.

The seminar focused on the psychological approach to disasters. A general overview of disaster management was provided, highlighting the fundamental objectives of psychology in relation to disasters. Additionally, the role of individual factors in the preparedness phase for disasters and the importance of disaster risk awareness and education in enhancing societal resilience were discussed. Participants were provided with information on how to be psychologically prepared for disasters. The significance of increasing risk awareness and fostering resilience through education was emphasized, as it is an effective tool for enhancing societal resilience.

The seminar covered various topics, including how to approach disasters from a psychological perspective, the general principles of disaster risk management, the contribution of psychology to coping with disasters, and the role of individual factors in the preparedness phase. Participants understood how to approach disasters from a psychological standpoint and the importance of increasing risk awareness and strengthening societal resilience.

The seminar series aims to provide participants with more information on psychological support and strategies for coping with disasters in the upcoming sessions.

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