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Artimu’s New Exhibition “Istanbul” Opened

A new exhibition has been added to the group exhibitions of .artimu., the online gallery of Istanbul Medeniyet University. The works of artists who produce in the fields of photography and video art came together in the exhibition titled “Istanbul“, which was opened on 12.09.2022.

Visual Communication Design faculty member Prof.Dr. Özlem OĞUZHAN curated the exhibition, in which Orhan ÖLMEZ, Ahmet ŞAHİNER, Şule TEZGEL, Şebnem BALIM, Özlem UZUN HAZNECİ, Büşra DEMİRAĞ, Olcay HOLAT, Yavuz PİLEVNELİ, Özlem OĞUZHAN, Gözde ZENGİN, Koray SEVİNDİ, Aslı ÇITAK, Saliha TÜRK, Oktay ÇOLAK, Zeynep DELİ, Ahmet Yuşa YILMAZ, Osman ÜRPER and Görkem KATMER participated with their works.

In addition to its contribution to local art and cultural heritage, the exhibition aims to help people maintain their ties with art in an environment where the pandemic continues, by being organized on a digital platform.

The exhibition was online on artimu.’s website from 12.09.2022 to 07.11.2022.

You can visit for more information.

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