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“Disability Day Awareness Event” Held in IMU

To celebrate December 3 International Day of Persons with Disabilities as adopted by the United Nations, a “Disability Day Awareness Event” was held by the Techno-Health Student Club of our University on December 12 at our Ziraat Library conference hall.

The event was moderated by the President of the Techno-Health Society, Serdar DEMIR, a second-year student in the Nursing Department, with the participation of our vice rector Prof.Dr. Yaşar BÜLBÜL and the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Berna DINCER HEKIM. 50 people from our students and their families attended the event. Istanbul Deputy Serkan BAYRAM attended the event as the guest of honor.

As a disabled individual, Mr. BAYRAM told his own story and the difficulties he faced and emphasized the importance of creating an inclusive and effective education environment and reducing inequalities in education. He shared with our students how he struggled with these difficulties, how the problems faced by disabled people could be overcome, the content of the movie “Wheat Grain”, the story of millions of people, the effects of this movie, and the feedback he received. In addition to these, he mentioned that the regulations made by our state for disabled people are strengthened and it provides the opportunity to provide a more qualified and inclusive education environment for disabled people. The event ended with the presentation of a plaque and gift to Istanbul Deputy Serkan BAYRAM by Vice Rector Prof.Dr. Yaşar BÜLBÜL and Deputy Dean Assoc.Prof.Dr. Berna DINCER HEKIM.

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