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IMU Career Club Summit 22′ Events Held

The Summit 22′ Event, which is a part of the IMU Career Week, led by the Career Club, was held on Thursday, May 26, 2022 at the Bankkart Hall of the Ziraat Bank Library of Istanbul Medeniyet University. Three sessions were held under the headings of “Effective Social Media”, “Waste Management and Sustainability”, “Effective Communication and Body Language” and the event aimed to guide students in creating and developing their career goals. The event received a lof of attention from our students and the participants were also provided with vocational training by listening to the important points and experiences related by the speakers who are senior professionals in their respective vocational fields.

In the first session, Abdullah Cem YAŞAR, CEO of VAY Media Agency, gave his speech on “Effective Social Media”. YAŞAR talked about the importance of the use of social media today and emphasized the development of digital media by giving examples from his personal experiences. YAŞAR provided sectoral information on issues such as brand creation and management, effective social media content management. He also talked about the ever-evolving media field’s ability of job creation and ended the session by answering students’ questions about effective use of social media.

The second session started with a presentation on “Waste Management and Sustainability” by Kunter GÜLEÇ, who is a Waste Management and Sales Manager. GÜLEÇ interactively discussed the popular topics of Environmental Pollution, Circular Economy, Recycling, Industrial Waste Management, Zero Waste Practices and Sustainability. He gave information about all processes, from the importance of waste recycling, both individually and institutionally, to the separation and collection of waste, to the process after it is delivered to the relevant licensed companies, and to its contribution to the economy. GÜLEÇ also gave information about the grant programs for students who want to be entrepreneurs in this field and the sector. At the end of the seminar, it was decided, together with the students, to control the zero waste points on the campus and to be more sensitive about the sorting of wastes according to the type of material and to warn those who throw the wastes in the wrong boxes.

The third session was held by Human Resources Manager Buse SEVIM, who gave information on “Effective Communication and Body Language”. SEVIM first talked about her career journey, shared various anecdotes and advised students on effective communication. Providing information about the sector to students who are considering a career in human resources, SEVIM talked about job opportunities and the preparations that students need to make. Finally, she ended the session by answering the questions.

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