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Law Students Discussed Legislative Proposals on Sustainability in the Parliamentary Simulation

The opening program of the Parlamentary Simulation event, which was organized for the first time within our university in cooperation with the Justice, Democracy and Legal Studies Association and Aydın Medeniyetliler Akademisi Law Student Club, was held on March 8, 2022 at 09.00 at Göztepe Campus Aşık Paşa Conference Hall.  The program started with the opening speeches of Atty. Cemil ÇIÇEK and the head of the Financial Law Department of the Law Faculty, Assist. Prof. Ahmet Emrah GEÇER. Soon after the participants were informed about the Parliamentary Simulation rules.

The commission work, which was postponed due to the weather conditions, was carried out on March 17-18, 2022 at the Ziraat Bank Library Conference Hall. Within the scope of the studies, predetermined commissions discussed the legislative proposals prepared by the students. Among the aforementioned bills, the titles were such as “Identification of Stray Animals” aiming at the protection of land animals, “Ensuring Equality of Women and Men in Political Life” aiming to focus on women’s political participation and gender equality, and “Prohibition of Nuclear Activities” aiming at the protection of natural heritage and ecosystem. The event was managed by the Board formed by Aydın Medeniyetlilier Akademisi Law Student Club. In this simulation, it was aimed that the young people discuss and examine the bills and learn the functioning of the legislation. In the parliamentary simulation created for this purpose, 6 parties took place and the party that prepared the best legislative proposals and ensured their adoption in the parliament completed the event ahead.

You can click here to follow the parliamentary simulation event, which is traditionally planned to be held every year, on social media and to get more information.


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