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Our Young Green Crescent Club Introduced our Students with our Cultural Heritage through the “Independent Steps” Project

The “Independent Steps” project was organized by the Young Green Crescent Student Club of Istanbul Medeniyet University with the slogan of ‘Experiencing our Ancient City Istanbul as it is’. As part of the project, cultural trips were organized in five routes consisting of various districts of Istanbul with our university students under the leadership of the Young Green Crescent team. By acting as voluntary guides on the visited routes, the students not only improved their personal skills, but also played an effective role in conveying information to other participants through a contemporary perspective. In this project, where entertainment, science, art, and culture come together, the participants had a productive time and also expanded their horizons, gained awareness and new experiences. The project also significantly contributed to our students’ development by helping them learn more about their city and cultural heritage.

On the first route, which was held on November 6, 2021, Fatih Court, Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Barrier-Free Life Center, Bağlarbaşı Nevmekan, Tebessüm Kahvesi, Çamlıca Mosque, Nakkaştepe People’s Garden and 15 July Martyrs Museum were visited in Üsküdar with 15 students. The characteristics of these places and their importance in our culture were explained to the participants by a team of volunteers, and an informative and entertaining tour was carried out.

On the second route held on December 12, 2021, Stevi Stefan Church, Merdivenli Yokuşu, Kiremit Caddesi Houses, Phanar Greek Orthodox College, The Church of Panaghia Muhliotissa, Balathane Cafe, Dimitrie Cantemir Museum Cafe, Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and Private Maraşlı Greek High School were visited by 18 students. During the visit, the existence and historical features of structures from different cultures in our country were explained.

On the third route, which took place on January 23, 2022, you can visit the Ihlamur Pavilion, Painting Museum, Dolmabahçe Palace, Ayia Triada Church, Çiçek Pasajı, St. Antuan Church, Syria Passage, Galata Mevlevi Lodge, Crimean Church, and Galata Tower were visited with 14 students on a museum-oriented tour. In the museums visited, the participants had the opportunity to get to know these historical atmospheres closely, accompanied by an audio guide.

On the fourth route on May 28, 2022 in Adalar, which are designated as a Protected Sites Complex in the form of natural heritage and cultural heritage sites, Büyükada Armenian Catholic Church, Reşat Nuri Güntekin House, Aya Yorgi Church, Büyükada Fire Watchtower, Greek Orphanage and Mizzi Mansion were visited together with 20 students. The journey, which started from Kadıköy Pier by ferry, ended at Kadıköy Pier after a lot of walking in the Adalar.

On the fifth and final route, which took place on June 16, 2022, the Archaeological Museum, Topkapı Palace, Ayasoyfa Mosque, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Obelisk, Istanbul Mosaic Museum and Cistern of Theodosius in Istanbul Historical Peninsula, one of the most tourist-friendly places in Istanbul that was included in UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985, were visited by 25 young people from Istanbul. More information was gained about our cultural heritage. Ideas were shared in order to protect the cultural heritage and increase the efforts for this. In addition, at the end of the tour, the last point of the project was set by visiting the Sepetçiler Pavilion, where the Green Crescent Headquarters is located, together with the volunteers participating in the tour.


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