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Res.Asst. Yasemin HAYIRLI Made a Presentation on the Effect of Active Employment Programs on Youth Employment

Res.Asst. Yasemin HAYIRLI, of our university’s Department of Economics, presented the results of her thesis titled “The Effect of Active Employment Programs on Youth Employment: 2018 Additional Employment Program” on December 15, 2022 at 14.30 in the seminar hall on the 2nd floor of Block B of South Campus.

HAYIRLI started her presentation by drawing attention to the labor market disparities in Turkey and emphasized that active employment policies are used to bring the youth, one of the discriminated groups, into the labor market, and also to reduce the risk of unemployment and informal employment. She stated that in her research she analyzed the effect of active employment programs on the achievement of employment equity by groups exposed to discrimination in the labor market through the Additional Employment Incentive, which came into effect in Turkey in 2018.

As a result of the quasi-experimental methods she used in her research, HAYIRLI stated that while the relevant employment program increases the probability of young men being employed in the formal sector, it reduces the possibility of precarious employment in the informal sector, and that the program also reduces real wages in the formal sector. She then talked about the findings she observed that the impact of the program diminished after the year it went into effect. HAYIRLI, finally, mentioned the place of her results in the literature. The seminar ended with a question-answer session.

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