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IMU Science and Civilization Club Organized a Conference on “Current Situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Future of Bosnia”

Our university’s Science and Civilization Club organized a conference on December 15, 2022 at 14:00 at Ziraat Bank Library, Ziraat Bank Conference Hall with participation of Prof. Adamir JERKOVIC , Chief Advisor to the first President of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the late Aliya İZZETBEGOVİÇ, and one of the academicians of International Novi Pazar University, on “Current Situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Future of Bosnia”. Our Rector Prof. Gülfettin ÇELİK, the consultant of the club and International Relations Department Member Prof. Berdal ARAL and Yalova Provincial General Assembly President Hasan SOYGÜZEL also attended the event, which recievedgreat interest.

The event started with the opening speech of Yasir GÜNEŞ, the head of the club, and continued with Prof. Adamir JERKOVIC’s presentation and Merjema IMAMOVIC’s translations. In his presentation, JERKOVIC touched upon the current developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the anniversary of the Dayton Agreement and the effects of the said agreement on these developments. He talked about the history of the Bosnia and Herzegovina War, the political and social structure of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the political order created by the Dayton Agreement in the region.

JERKOVIC first briefly talked about the historical background of the problems that led to the armed conflict that took place in the region between 1992 and 1995. He said that with the Dayton Agreement, which ended the Bosnian War and signed in 1995, a chaotic political order was formed, and that the agreement was created not to bring peace but to keep the region under control. JERKOVIC claimed that the High Representative appointed by the United Nations had powers beyond the country’s constitution and rules and therefore formed a trusteeship. He said that even though the genocide has ended in the country, ethnic nationalism continues and systematic injustices and inequalities continue in Bosnian politics. As an example, he stated that Serbs and Croats have a higher political representation compared to their proportion in the population, while Bosnians, on the contrary, have a lower rate of representatives in their own country. JERKOVIC also suggested that the political order that emerged after the Dayton Agreement, with its racial discrimination, could lead to the division of the country in the future.

After his speech, Prof. Adamir JERKOVIC answered students’ questions and chatted with them. The program, which lasted about two hours, ended after our Rector Gülfettin ÇELİK presented a gift and photo shoots were taken with the participants.

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