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The Book “Diabetes for Health Sciences” Edited by our Faculty Members of the Faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences is Published

The book “Sağlık Bilimleri İçin Diyabet” (Diabetes for Health Sciences) edited by Asst. Prof. Berna DİNÇER of the Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing Department and Faculty of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine faculty members Prof. Dr. Aytekin OGUZ and Asst. Prof. Miraç VURAL KESKİNLER was published by Istanbul Tıp Kitabevleri.

The book “Diabetes for Health Sciences” prepared by a multidisciplinary team of authors on the subject of “Diabetes Mellitus”, which is described as the epidemic of the modern age as a serious human health risk and whose prevalence is increasing rapidly in our country, is a book containing the most up-to-date information for all health sciences professionals who are engaged in the fight against diabetes and accompanying diseases. Prepared as reference work, the book consists of 23 chapters and contains many sub-sections such as creating a healthy lifestyle to fight against diabetes, the diagnosis of diabetes, its clinical signs and symptoms, its prevention and complications, medical management of diabetes, diabetes management in pregnant women, children, and adolescents, the conditions for which diabetes creates a health risk, diabetes technologies, psychosocial aspects of diabetes, patient education and care in diabetes, and complementary practices used in treatment, topics covered in depth by the experts.

The large editorial and author team that consists of 50 academics from different sub-disciplines of medicine and health sciences includes 37 faculty members and lecturers working in the Faculties of Health Sciences and Medicine in our university. The authors of the book, who are members of our Faculties include Prof. Dr. Asıf YILDIRIM, Prof. Dr. Banu ALPASLAN MESCİ, Prof. Dr. Gonca TAMER, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali AĞIRBAŞLI, Prof. Dr. Mehmet SARGIN, Prof. Dr. Mehmet UZUNLULU, Prof. Dr. Mustafa KANAT, Prof. Dr. Oğuzhan DEYNELİ, Prof. Dr. Aytekin OĞUZ, Prof. Dr. Ayşe OKANLI, Prof. Dr. Ayşe ÇİL AKINCI, Assoc.Prof. Aynur AYTEKİN ÖZDEMİR, Assoc.Prof. Hamdi Cihan EMEKSİZ, Assoc.Prof. Şeyma DENLİ YALVAÇ, Asst.Prof. Berna DİNÇER, Asst.Prof. Miraç Vural KESKİNLER, Asst.Prof. Cemile SAVCI, Asst.Prof. Özlem İBRAHİMOĞLU, Asst.Prof. Fatih YAMAN, Asst.Prof. Hacer ATAMAN, Asst.Prof. Havvanur YOLDAŞ İLKTAÇ, Asst.Prof. Bülent CAN, Asst.Prof. Hacer Hicran MUTLU, Specialist Dr. Aslı KARSLI DEMİRSOY, Specialist Dr. Ayşe N. ERBAKAN, Specialist Dr. Elif YILDIRIM AYAZ, Specialist Dr. Gökhan UYGUN, Specialist Dr. Merve Nur HEPOKUR, Specialist Dr. Taner TAN, Specialist Dr. Zeynep Rumeysa BEŞIŞIK YILMAZ, Res.Asst. Dr. Emel Emine KAYIKÇI, Res.Asst. Merve İNAN BUDAK, Res.Asst. Furkan KELEŞ, Res.Asst. Emel METE, and Res.Asst. Kübra YILDIZ GÜLER.

From the book’s introduction:

“When diabetes is not well controlled, it affects all organs, especially the heart, brain, eyes, kidneys. However, diabetes medication management is one of the most well-known diseases with wide treatment options. However, for these treatment options to be applied correctly, it is necessary to equip the diabetic with the right knowledge and skills, help them believe that they can the disease, and feel empowered and encouraged. This book contains comprehensive information on diabetes care and management that will benefit all team members.”

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