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The Development of Constitutionalism and Climate Change Issues were Discussed at the Constitutional Law Summit

The Constitutional Law Summit, organized by Gelişim Law Student Club of our university, was held on Monday, November 28, 2022 between 12.30-16.00 at IMU Ziraat Bank Central Library in our North Campus. Climate Change and Human Rights were among the topics discussed in the summit.

In the program moderated by the Head of Constitutional Law Department of our Law Faculty Sezen Kama IŞIK, five different speakers shed light on the development of Constitutionalism in different countries, the development of Turkish Constitutional law from the initial years of the Republic till today, and ‘climate change and human rights’ issues within the framework of Constitutional law.

A member of IMU Constitutional Law Department Asst.Prof. Feyzan OLGUNSOY discussed the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms in terms of the consequences of climate change in her speech titled “Climate Change and Human Rights”.  She explained that climate change has consequences in the context of the right to health as well as environmental rights. Therefore, second generation rights violations occurring due to climate change can only be remedied within the scope of fundamental rights and freedoms that are jointly protected in the Constitution and the ECHR. In this context, she stated that states have positive obligations to prevent environmental pollution,protect the environment, and ensure access to legal remedies in ensuring climate justice.

The program ended after a Q&A session and plaque presentation.

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