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Bilgi Club Donated 7,500 Books as part of the Library Enrichment Project

Bilgi Student Club of our University established two libraries in Kırşehir on March 13-14, 2023, with the aim of ensuring equal opportunities in education within the scope of the social responsibility project that started on March 9, 2022.

After graduating from University, Elif Cansu BOZ, former head of Bilgi Club, who worked as a librarian at Istanbul Atatürk Cultural Center, started the project “Meryem Bahadır Library in Memory of a Steppe Granny” to keep the memory of her grandmother alive last year. An extensive book collection campaign was launched with club members involved in the project. A total of 7500 books were donated in the project, which was carried out with the thought that access to equal opportunities in education is important for every member of the society.

6000 books collected with in-kind and cash donations were brought to the library in Kırşehir Merkez Cumhuriyet Secondary School, sorted and put on the shelves. Club Advisor Res. Asst. Nisa ÖKTEM also attended to the opening ceremony for the library. 1500 of the books were donated to the primary school in Yenidoganlı Village in Kırşehir.

The book donations aimed to strengthen the learning opportunities of school students and empowerment of disadvantaged groups.

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