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“LYMPHEDEMA from Every Angle” Event Held in IMU

On the “World Lymphedema Awareness Day”, IMU Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation organized the “LYMPHODEMA from All Aspects” event online on Monday, March 6, 2023, between 20:00-23:00.

Chair of the Turkish Lymphedema Association Prof.Dr. Pınar BORMAN, President of Asian Vascular Surgery Association Prof.Dr. Tankut ATAY and Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Assoc.Prof.Dr. Deniz ÇEVİRME attended the event moderated by Department Head Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nilüfer KABLAN.

100 people from patients, their relatives and clinicians attended the event, which was held as a single session. Prof.Dr. Pınar BORMAN talked about the definition, degrees, and treatment methods of lymphedema in her presentation. In addition, she focused on conservative treatment methods such as taping (kinesiotaping), Complex Unloading Physiotherapy, superficial and deep heaters, laser applications, and compression garments in lymphedema. Prof.Dr. Tankut ATAY talked about phlebolymphedema and its diagnosis and treatment methods. Finally, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Deniz ÇEVİRME explained the surgical treatment options in lymphedema patients.

At the end of the event, exercise, personal hygiene, healthy lifestyle, patient and family education, and all kinds of treatment options were discussed as they are important in the prevention of lymphedema. The speakers answered questions from the participants, who included patients, patient relatives, and clinicians. Attention was drawn to the importance of lymphedema in terms of health risks and public health.

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