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IMU Psychology Club Organized the “One World One Child” Event

Istanbul Medeniyet University Psychology Club Academic Events Team organized an event titled “One World One Child”. The event took place on December 18, 2022, at Uskudar Municipality Baglarbasi Congress and Culture Center in two sessions and was attended by participants from within and outside the university.

In the first session of the event, lecturer Enver MENGÜ gave a speech entitled “Migrant Children”. MENGÜ drew attention to the difficulties that migrant children face and addressed the challenges they face in the process of adapting. He emphasized that migrant children often face economic, social, and psychological problems, in addition to language and cultural differences. Then, MENGÜ made suggestions for solving these issues.

In the second session, Expert Psychologist Nazire Ayşenur YILMAZ gave a presentation entitled “Child Rights and Child Mind”. YILMAZ focused on child rights and mental development to raise awareness about child rights. She discussed the topic of child rights and emphasized the right of children to grow up in a safe, healthy, and happy environment. YILMAZ stated that it is important to ensure access to the basic needs of education, health, and shelter for children, and highlighted the importance of listening to and valuing children’s opinions and thoughts. YILMAZ also focused on children’s mental development and emphasized the importance of developing emotional, social, and cognitive skills, which she pointed out as key traits that children will need throughout their lives.

The event took place in an atmosphere where the participants followed with great interest and drew attention to important issues such as child rights and migrant children. The event, organized by the Istanbul Medeniyet University Psychology Club Academic Events Team, also played an important role in reflecting the university’s student-oriented approach.

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