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Our Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Fulya ÖZDIL Spoke to Anadolu Agency within the scope of the “World Bee Day”

Prof. Dr. Fulya ÖZDIL of the Bioengineering Department at IMU Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences gave an interview about beekeeping to Anadolu Agency reporter on the occasion of 20 May World Bee Day. Özdil said in her interview that bees should be protected and support for beekeeping activities should be increased.

In her speech, ÖZDIL said, “For fruit formation in plant production, the flower must first be fertilized either with its own pollen or with the pollen of other plants. After that, fruit formation takes place. This is a process performed by bees. Under normal conditions, it may be by wind, but pollen is the same as they collect nectar from every flower they visit. Bees have a very important effect on pollination, as they can also bring pollen and transfer it to other flowers at the same time. At this point, bees are more prominent than all other insects.”. Mentioning that without bees, first of all, there would be no fertilization or foreign pollination process in the ecosystem, ÖZDIL pointed out that our efficiency in plant production would decrease. In other words, she said that if bees lose their terrestrial existence, the earth system will change and human beings will have great difficulties in supplying raw materials and finding nutrients.

Expressing that one of the factors that increase the risk of extinction of bees is the pesticides used, ÖZDIL underlined that pesticide use should be kept to a minimum in order to protect biodiversity and ecosystems and to use them in a sustainable way.

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