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Sustainability in Career in its Different Aspects Discussed in IMU “Medeniyet Gemisi Summit Events”

Medeniyet Gemisi Student Club of our university organized the Medeniyet Gemisi Summit events on May 16-17-20, 2022. Approximately 700 students and academicians participated in the event, which included 13 speakers and 7 sessions for 3 days during the week of 16-20 May, 2022. In the event, speakers who are expert on subjects such as management, personal development, politics, career, trade and history, discussed the issues in various aspects.

On May 16, 2022, the first session, “District Governorship, Deputy Governor Profession and Preparing for Examinations” was held. Participants, Aslan Avşarbey who is Deputy Governor of Kocaeli and Ahmet Gazi Kaya who is District Governor of Şişli were the speakers of this session, which was moderated by Prof. Dr. Ahmet NOHUTÇU. The session attracted a lot of attention from the students of our Political Science and Law Faculties as they were given valuable tips about preparing for vocational exams. The participants were also provided with an opportunity for vocational training through the important points made and experiences shared by the speakers who are top-level professionals in their fields.

The title of the second session dated May 16, 2022 was “The Brave Person of the New World”. Açık Beyin’s founder and author Prof. Sinan CANAN and Creative Brand Consultant Mustafa CAN were the guests of the session. Nefes Academy Founder and Writer Kerim GÜÇ moderated the session. In the session speakers gave important information about the mental health and physiological development of the people. Prof. Canan discussed the structure of the human brain, its development and its effects on people’s lives. Can shared about the position of the individual in the process of economic globalization and how to be at the forefront.

On May 17, 2022, the third session was held with the title “Turkey and Russia in the Historical Process”. Marmara University International Relations Specialist Prof. Saynur DERMAN delivered her speech on “Turkey and Russia in the Historical Process”. The moderator of the session was Political Scientist, Author, Publisher and Programmer Dr. Çiğdem BAYRAKTAR ÖR. In the session Turkey-Russia relations from past to present were discussed, explanations were made about the Russia-Ukraine crisis, the causes and consequences of warfare, the conflict and threats that await the world in the coming years, and the importance and position of Turkey in this crisis environment.

On May 17, 2022, the 4th session was held with the title of “The Power of Reading and Quality Learning”. Bursa Mustafakemalpaşa District Governor and Writer Ahmet ALTINTAŞ shared his thoughts and offered solutions on issues such as the lack of reading habits, distraction, and not performing the learning stages in a healthy way, which are among the biggest problems and deficiencies of today’s world. He mentioned the contribution of reading to many other activities in the session, which was held in an interactive way with the research, ratios and videos shared, and stated that for the youth empowerment reading habits should be regained.

In the 5th session held on May 17, 2022, Elider Chairman of the Board, EMYD and PerforTech CEO Fehmi DARBAY gave his speech titled “E-Commerce”. He shared about the benefits and harms of e-commerce activity, which is a new and popular type of commerce. He touched on the tricks about e-commerce, which increases its market share day by day with the globalizing world, and conveyed professional and sectoral information to the participants who want to take part in this activity.

On May 17, 2022, 6th session was held with the title “If a Woman Wants: How Did I Succeed?”. The session was held with the participation of EZA A.Ş Chairman of the Board Ms. Nilüfer KESKIN and Brooklyn Insurance and Reassurance Brokery A.Ş Founder and CEO Kadriye PEHLIVAN. In the session where the importance of female labour force participation and gender equality were emphasized, speakers also talked about their own work and life stories and underlined that the wrong perceptions of the society should be destroyed and that women can achieve anything if they want.

On May 18, 2022, the 7th and last session, “80s and Turkey’s Suffering”, was held. The Chief Advisor to the President, Mr. Yalçın TOPÇU was the guest of the session. He evaluated the political, military and economic coups that Turkey had experienced in the past century and the negative effects of these conditions on the society. The effects of the negativities experienced on Turkish politics in the past and today were mentioned.


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